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Hello World!

I’m supposed to write this kind of a post as the first one in this new blog. Isn’t that a self-rule imposed by many of us when you start a new blog? I wouldn’t consider this as my new blog, perhaps my attempt to create an identity for myself in this web (again, I should say). I’m not sure if any of my writing would be of everybody’s interest, but I would like to cover a few of technology, and gadgets that I’m interested with. Again, my technology interests vary time to time, and for now it circles around Microsoft products. Yes, I do work for them and they pay me for my living, but this is my personal space. All my writings, and opinion on this site is just mine, and doesn’t necessarily reflect my employers! So, you heard it.

I hope to keep this space active, and try to write something which might be useful to people. So, if you are interested in topics like, ASP.NET, Windows Azure WebSites, IIS, Debugging, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Windows 8 Store Apps / Windows Phone Apps, and Development, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, and other gadgets news, please go ahead, and subscribe.

I’m active in Twitter/Facebook as well, so please feel free to follow me @rakkimk / fb. Here is my link to MSDN blog, to which I might cross post a few of the Microsoft Technology posts. This is my personal blog, but I’ll try not to talk about my pets at home or my political views, but only technology, in my words, and views.

Well, see you in a bit!